I hate this word – Motivation

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I’ve sat down to write a blog, but instead I find myself yawning constantly? Shouldn’t be telling you this however, it made me think… how does one get motivated to do something that requires creativity? Let’s just give you an example, have you ever needed to clean your place and realised that due to putting it off for days ended up spending even more time than was needed to make it look habitable again? Business motivation works in a similar way.

I guess this just proves the point that procrastinating on anything will end up being more of a chore to handle when you do eventually need to execute it. So, ever thought what leads people to lose motivation and cause a delay? And how does that lack of motivation affect your business? Here’s how to make a task or project easier to handle and get off the ground through productive business motivation.

  • Visualise yourself or watch yourself doing the task. See in your mind, each process and step in detail, its potential pitfalls and its successes. Better still, visualise the completion of the job at hand, and sense the feeling you get from that. 2. Now that you’ve mapped out in your head the start, middle and end, think realistically on how long it will take or how long you want to take on that task. Will you be dissecting it into further smaller, manageable tasks or are you going to go and do it all at once? Try and see whether you can complete a more mundane task just in time ahead of doing something fun, like going for a bike ride or meeting a friend for a drink. This way, you know there is a reward at the end.
  • Let people around you know what you need to get done. Business motivation can work as a team. You’ll be surprised, the more you open up about a problem, the more likely you are to get a solution from another perspective. Getting motivated is finding channels that inspire you to think different.
  • Don’t keep moaning, or going on about how tedious this task is with your team players. The idea is to inspire creativity not to dampen everyone’s mood because of the way you’re feeling. Keep it positive so you don’t drain your own energy and that of the whole room! The right business motivation can strengthen the entire team and the environment.

Simplify the task as much as possible for yourself. Do the bits that you’re good at and the one’s that you’re having problems getting your head around, call a meeting, see if there’s anyone else in the room that would find it a lot less challenging than yourself. This does not mean to simply pass the buck, but someone else might enjoy doing a section of the task that you don’t. This is especially so for creatives, who are usually excellent at the bigger picture, but when it comes to details, or financials for examples, not so handy with a spreadsheet, and this can cause serious problems.

Lastly, don’t keep things to yourself. Viewing your opinions and taking action is better than letting it eat you up inside, because that way you will find a way of solving it. Trying and failing is a lot better than not giving it a go. This way, even if you fail miserably the first time, you definitely won’t next time because you’ve experienced what it entails. Or at the least, you will be more aware. Whether personal or business motivation is required, getting it out in the open is crucial to your creativity.

Motivation is such a personal thing that works in different ways for each person. Sometimes I still find leaving a task for a few days and really thinking about it carefully before heading straight in, creates better use of time and a smoother and enjoyable process. What is your way of getting things done and have you got other ways of getting motivated?