How to Move Home After University

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Useful advice on moving home after university which can be very difficult, especially during the first few months when you miss your university life the most.

Moving home after 3 or 4 years at university can be really daunting. You have had all that freedom, a constructed education giving you a specific day to day regime, support and guidance, lots of friends and plenty of fun times. Moving back home can feel like a big step back and it can be really hard, however that doesn’t mean it can’t represent a really exciting next stage of your life.

Here are some top tips to help you move home after university:

Understand Why You Are Moving Home

You have been so independent, it might feel like you’ve had to move home. However, your future is your own and the likelihood is that moving home enables you to save for a home or gives you some time to plan your next career move. Understanding moving home as a choice and not as something you have been forced to do can enable it to feel much more like a part of the longer plan.

Speak To Your Parents About Your New Arrangements

When you left home you likely were very different to the person that you are now. Speak to your parents about things like rent (or board), how they feel about you bringing partners home, curfews and chores. If everyone has their expectations in place it will prevent any awkward moments or arguments in future.

Change Your Room

Get all of your old teenage-self furniture out of your old room, pop it into cheap self storage from with your university-self items and start fresh with an adult room that suits who you are now. You can see storage unit prices here. This will help stop you feeling like you have gone back in time and avoided any progression.

Get In Touch With Your Friends From Home

Your new university friends are great, but so are your friends from home. Catching up quickly and getting a social life going again will help you avoid going stir crazy at home with your parents.

Maintain Your Independence

It is so important you don’t revert back to childlike feelings of relying completely on your parents. You are an adult now and although your parents are helping you by allowing you to live at home again, that doesn’t mean you’re entirely reliant on them. Get a job, set yourself up with a car, buy your own food for meals if you can. Whatever you are able to do to keep your sense of independence, do it.

Look To The Future

Whatever it takes to ensure you can keep your mind on the future, the better. Whether that is making plans with university friends, setting up a savings account for a house, continuing job applications or even making a five year plan, look to the future to remind yourself that this is not forever.

Moving home is never easy after you have had some of the best years of your life. However, you’ve so many more amazing years to come and moving home will help you to get where you want to be in the future.