Blueprint to start an e-commerce business.

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If you’re thinking to start an eCommerce business, this is just the right time for you to begin. Thanks to the pandemic that has turned the world to live virtually. From buying money to selling products. Everything has gone online. Though it will take some time for the physical stores to pick up their businesses, it isn’t the case for the online stores. 

You can now find many eCommerce businesses that are selling thrift items to groceries. And setting up the online store doesn’t even take any time. You just need to have a clear plan & blueprint of the execution and, you’re ready to begin. Here are some of the steps that will help you push in the right direction.

Key Points:

1.Figure out the product 

2.Establishing your company

3.Pick an eCommerce platform

4.Determine your target audience

5.Choose the payment methods

6.Don’t forget to market

1.Figure out the product.

The most challenging part of starting an eCommerce business is to figure out which product to sell. Every product that works well doesn’t mean it will do great with you too. Every aspect matters, right from the selling platform to delivering it to the final consumer. Research about the product you want to sell online. The lesser the number of varieties is, the better you can create your niche. Study about how your competitors are doing and what tricks they use.

2.Establishing your company

What is your business plan? How do you want to go about the sales channels? Have you researched enough about your competition and their search engine optimization techniques? What are your significant roadblocks & how do you want to overcome them? Establishing your business requires you to come up with a name and a logo as well as answering the above questions.

3.Pick an eCommerce platform

There are tons of great platforms available on the internet that help you create your dream business online. The significant websites are Shopify, Big Commerce and Wix. These websites provide various services like, easy setup, strong SEO performances, fast loading time, one-click selling etc. Each site comes with its own basic fee structure. Visit them to figure out which one suits you best.

ProTip: You don’t have to have the inventory to start selling online. You can take the order from the customer and forward it to the dropshipping supplier to deliver it to your customer. Having this contact saves tons of your time, money and energy. The best part is, you will get to decide the price of the products and share a commission with the dropshipping supplier.

4.Determine your target audience

If you already have an idea about your product; then you don’t have to worry about who your target audience will be. You can directly concentrate on your marketing with your chosen audience. Most people struggle to decide their target audience and thus can’t figure out which product to sell. Make a list of the audience you want to cater to. Is it the younger generation or the mid-40s? What are their interests and, which items are feasible for you to start a business with?

5.Choose your payment method

The smart business person creates different payment gateways to make payment easier for the clients. A customer loves nothing but the easy process of purchasing. While you set up your eCommerce website, choose different modes of online payment methods. There are multiple options available right now, like,

  • Debit or Credit cards
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Digital wallets & buy now pay later solutions
  • Banks transfers

6.Don’t forget to market

Marketing is the key factor to get you more clients and more business. Marketing tactics have changed over the period. It is now on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media. Marketing now is more about engaging your audience than just advertising the product. Create different social media accounts and engage your audience. Share fun quizzes and games to be on the top of your game. The more interested the audience is in your content, the more likely your sales will incline.

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I hope this is helpful for you to get started with your money-making business idea.