What kind of zippers are available online?

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Let’s talk about the main ones. Knowing the zippers that we will talk about here, you will have a sufficient fan to decide which of them fits more into the project than the one you are working on.

Zippers can be divided into two main groups:

  • Visible
  • Invisible

The visible zippers are those that once sewn shows their teeth on the outside, while the invisible zippers operate so that once sewn both teeth as the stitches are concealed behind sew. Both within the visible and invisible zippers there is a wide variety of measures that can range from 8 cm (for low-rise jeans) to 60 cm for the back of the dress, for example. On the other hand, zippers can have a separator or not have it. The zippers that do not have separator, are those that one side and the other of the zipper do not separate even being totally open, as it is the case of the zippers of Nylon or the invisible ones; in zippers with a separator, when they are fully open, one side of the zipper separates from the other.

Visible zipper

  1. Nylon zipper

With tooth and small cursor, these zippers are very used in the making of pants, skirts, and also in household items like cushions!

  1. Zipper with spiral separator

This zipper has its teeth made of nylon and has a spiral shape, hence its name. The teeth are larger and more resistant, so they are usually used for closing jackets and zippers.

  1. Zipper with injected separator

They have square plastic teeth. Used, mainly, in the closing of outerwear and some accessories.

  1. Zipper with brass separator

In this case, the teeth of the rack are metallic, which also makes them very resistant. In many occasions, these zippers, due to their finishes are also used as decorative elements in the manufacture of jackets and even dresses.

Invisible zippers

These zippers are very feared by all those who start in the confection, and once you master them, you know that there is no need to be afraid, because like everything, being methodical and with a couple of tricks you will be able to sew them to perfection. The good thing about them is that there is only one type, so you only have to choose your length, which usually goes between 18 and 60 cm, and its color.

With regard to the length of everything depends on the place of the garment in which it is going to be applied, for example, the dresses with zipper on the back must have zippers of 60 cm, on the other hand if the dress has a lateral zipper (from the bottom of the armhole) the zipper of 35 cms is usually used. Knowing what kind of zippers there are, now we just have to learn how to sew them, so in a few tutorials to make everything as clear as water.